The absolute best time of my career happened in the late 90’s.  Back when radio was fun and you actually interacted with listeners.  I was on the air at Eagle 93-7 and worked with the “master” Jo Jo Kincaid, Stella Mars, Pete Falconi, the late great Vinnie Peruzzi.  We had such a great crew.  I was making excellent money doing all kinds of club gigs usually promoting a beer.  I had so much fun filling in for Vinnie Peruzzi…he had the “Saturday Night Dance Party” every weekend at the old Rack.  Getting paid to party and walk around with a mic all nite and talk to people…it was the best!  The Eagle was just a really great group of people who all worked for a station that never really succeeded in the ratings.  But we had wonderful “old school” radio times…giving away a car at the Green Dragon…filling Government Center with 35,000 people to listen to Jefferson Starship, America, BTO etc.  It was “fly by the seat of your pants” radio…walking around with mics and headsets and delivering breaks from the crowd.  I’ll never forget sitting on some guy’s Harley…they were all lined up on Columbus Ave…and doing my break.  If you would have asked me 15 years ago if satellite radio was gonna put jocks like me outta business…I would have laughed.  I was so certain that it would always be that way.  But then it happened.  All of a sudden people were listening to all their favorite music without commercial interruption. Well, hell!  That’s the way that radio stations make their money…by airing commercials.  So, pretty soon, XM and Sirius were all over the place.  How could we compete with no commercials?   No commercials…but no real vibe.  DJ’s that are heard around the world…but no chance of getting a request in.   The live jock piece is missing…and that’s what I miss most.  Talking and interacting with listeners one on one.

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