I’ve never been a super political person…and didn’t until last year know that GOP meant Grand Old Party.  I have a really smart writer friend…who breaks everything down for me and explains it to me in a way I understand.  I really hadn’t paid attention to politics and all the bullshit that goes with it until the last presidential election.  I wanted to know the pros and cons of both Obama and McCain.  Then…like a fool, I voted for Obama!  No…in all seriousness…who knows who would succeed in that position…with all that on your plate upon entering the White House.  I was just trying to be educated.  So…last year we had an election in my town…electing city officials.  Seriously…I didn’t pay much attention to it…because I didn’t really understand what they were running for, what their positions in charge meant…I just kind of ignored it and didn’t vote.  I did know that my friend’s brother-in-law was running for one of the positions…but again, didn’t know much about it…so I didn’t vote.  The day after the election my friend said that her brother-in-law had lost by 2 votes!  Geez…I felt like a real loser…realizing that my vote really could have made a difference!  Tomorrow is Election Day and although I don’t know all the candidates…I have done some studying.  I didn’t want to go into the polling place and just blinding check off candidates names and yes/no answers.  I did a little research to find out more about the 3 ballot questions that we will vote on tomorrow in Massachusetts.  Question 1:  Should we remove a 6.25% state sales tax on booze?  Well…hell…I like a good bottle of Pinto Grigio just like the next lady…but it’s not gonna kill meet to pay a few pennies extra in tax.  Especially when I now know…by trying to become more educated…that Massachusetts has some of the highest rates of alcohol and drug abuse in the country and the last thing I’d wanna do is take money away from prevention and treatment services(which is where some of this tax money goes)…all to make alcohol more accessible!  Question 2:  Comprehensive Permits for Low or Moderate Income Housing.  Voting yes will mean that quality affordable housing is built and remains for our parents, children, teachers, and public employees.  Massachusetts needs more affordable housing.   Voting yes will repeal the current Chapter 40B statute, a law that promotes subsidized, high-density housing on any parcel of land without regard to local regulations, the neighborhood, or the environment.   By stripping away local control, it has destroyed communities in rural, suburban, and urban neighborhoods all while lining the pockets of out-of-state speculators!  Real nice!   The current statute does not build affordable housing.  Instead, it maintains a corrupt law that the Massachusetts inspector general has called a “pig fest” and “represents one of the biggest abuses in state history.”  A yes vote will stop this outrageous misuse of taxpayer money and allow cities and towns to build affordable housing for those who need it most.  Question 3:  Cut the state sales and uses tax from 6.25% to 3%.  Last year, the state Legislature and Gov. Deval Patrick raised the sales tax to 6.25%.  Thousands of people lost their jobs.  If we vote yes and roll back the sales tax to 3%…we’ll create nearly 33,000 new jobs in the state…and hell, Ray Charles could see that that’s a good thing!  Plus, bonus…it would give back an average of almost $700  every year to each taxpayer.  Considering that just about everyone knows that the nickname for Massachusetts is “Taxachusetts”…it just makes sense to vote yes on question 3.  This time around when I vote I can actually say…”yep, I know what I’m voting for”!

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